Monday, October 15, 2007

Could it be...2 posts in one month

Yep, I have something else to say in the month of October. First off, I love that it has cooled off a little bit. My most favorite time of the year is fall.I love the smell of the air. I don't really know what that smell is but its just different. My parents came down to see the new floors and to help me pick out an early Christmas present...rugs for our floors. The one under the kitchen table is too small. I am going to move it to the bedroom when I find one that is the right size for the table. Another thing I have to say is our friends Justin and Casey brought their new baby over to visit and she is so cute. I am so glad we got to see her. Casey, I had a blast at dinner too. =) This past weekend we up to Nashville for the Vandy/Ga game. It was a close one. We tailgated all day Saturday. It was a blast. I forgot my camera. Oh well. I plan on going back to Nashville this weekend for the baby showers. Hope to see you bloggers there.....will we know how to communicate without a computer.......see you soon!


Blogger Angie said...

Yes, another update! I love it!

7:25 PM

Blogger chris anne said...

the rugs are great! looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

8:10 PM

Blogger Jillina said...

So glad you are coming this weekend!! It will be so good to see your face.

10:42 AM

Blogger The Stone's said...

Wow, I'm impressed with your updates. I love the leg shot in the den pic. Is that you or Hunter?!? (just kidding).

5:56 PM

Blogger Eric & Rebecca said...

They look great!

9:10 PM

Blogger the robertsons said...

Wow!! I have been bad about checking blogs lately! I need to post links, but I can't figure it out :). We had such a great time hanging out! Maybe there will be more dinners in the future. Love the floors!

8:19 AM

Blogger Eric & Rebecca said...

Just wanted to say hi!

6:59 PM

Blogger Lindsay said...

how's life? it's been far too long since an andrea update!

10:12 AM


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