Monday, July 02, 2007

Miss Ohio

Here are some pictures from our weekend in Ohio. It was over Memorial Day weekend. I know, that was awhile ago.

This is Mickey. I got Mickey for Christmas one year. He will be 14 in October. He is old.

This is my letterman jacket from high school. Its smooth, I know.

This is part of the view from my parents front porch. Thats right folks, I grew up on a farm. I live in the city but I miss the quiet slow pace of the country.


Blogger Lindsay said...

these pictures take me back : )

2:44 PM

Blogger Jillina said...

Good times at home are the best!

11:27 PM

Blogger The Robertson's said...

Great pictures! I love it when dogs have gray beards. Mae is getting one, and it's so cute. Are you guys coming this weekend? I heard a rumor...

7:18 PM


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