Monday, July 02, 2007

More Ohio pictures

This is a picture of the GIANT ANT that I found on my hand while watering one morning. I thought I knocked it off my hand but later found it on my SHOULDER!!!!! I screamed several obscenities and the dog went running into the bedroom. He was protecting me like a good dog should. Ha! (these pictures are not for the faint of heart)

Miss Ohio

Here are some pictures from our weekend in Ohio. It was over Memorial Day weekend. I know, that was awhile ago.

This is Mickey. I got Mickey for Christmas one year. He will be 14 in October. He is old.

This is my letterman jacket from high school. Its smooth, I know.

This is part of the view from my parents front porch. Thats right folks, I grew up on a farm. I live in the city but I miss the quiet slow pace of the country.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Catch up

Yes, it has been a month since I have posted. I am sure I can come up with many reasons for my neglect however, they are not important because I consider them excuses which I loathe. So here is the synopsis. Hunter went to basketball camp for 2 weeks of June. I went to the beach for 4 days in June. My parents were here this weekend and I spent this last week cleaning and preparing for them to be here. My work is still hectic. Sitting in front of a computer when I get home is not top on my list. I have spent this evening catching up on everyone else. I feel back in the know. I have several pictures I want to share with everyone but it takes so long to download. I will just have to sit and do it. Also, my flowers are starting to look good. I have battled and battled this year. All I can figure is I may be considered a "gardener" one day. I send rain and perserverance to you all......i'm out