Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Why have I just spent 2 and half hours in our upstairs, where the air conditioner doesn't work. The thermostat literally reads 88 degrees. Why??? I'll tell you why, because I am addicted to this ridiculous blog stuff. Call me nosy, call me social, whatever, I love reading about everyone....yes including the people I don't know. Pretty sure I just spent an hour reading about an American wrongfully accused of murder. On a lighter note I just like to see what all is going on. Whats worse, watching tv for 2 hours or being on the computer for 2 hours? Its not like I don't sit in front of one for EIGHT HOURS a day. Carple tunnel here I come. In the words of Mrs. Griswald, Nice Clark, real nice.

Before (cont.)..........


Here are some pictures of our hard work this weekend. Most of the flowers are newly planted so they look really small. The pansys and other orange flowers were planted in the fall and have stayed around. I would like to note that I did most of the work, laying the gravel around the air conditioners. I had to put a picture of that in. Also, while accidentally downloading every picture in our camera, I found a funny picture of our friend's little boy, Matthew at church. Ha! Enjoy the scenary. I will be sure to post pics when everything is blooming crazy, I hope.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Did a lot and missed a lot

Hunter and I were gone most of last week. We got to go to Disney World for several days. We went to each park, thanks to my parents buying our tickets, wooohoo! We did everything that we possibly could, except ride the Pirates of the Carribbean, it was closed for repair. We went with my brother and his family, my mom and grandmother Stephens, my dad's mom. My dad couldn't go because of work. We did a lot. However, I missed a lot of big stuff this week. Lindsay became an aunt, Elizabeth is pregnant along with every other person I know. Be careful drinking the water these days. I had the best time with my nephews, at Disney. I know the oldest two pretty well but I don't know the youngest one as well. He is possibly the funniest 3 year old I have ever been around. He told me that I crack him up. I just died laughing. We have worked in the yard for the past 2 days. I am very sore. We made 3 trips to Ace Hardware yesterday because it took that many times to get all of the mulch and gravel we needed. We planted flowers and cleaned up our mess today. I am attempting to keep the flowers I bought blooming this year even in August, which is a miracle in the hot weather we have. I just have to say that our lives seem so full right now of just life stuff, some good things and some bad. I had a friend at work lose her husband this week and neither one, I don't think, had/has a relationship with God. I am just sick over it. I know they believed in God but just not a life commitment. Its hard to watch others suffer with grief, especially without a relationship with God. This post is consistent with all of my others, long long. I just save it all up for one time. I don't have any pictures of Disney. We are not big picture takers. Sorry. Hope everyone has a good week. =)