Monday, October 15, 2007

Could it be...2 posts in one month

Yep, I have something else to say in the month of October. First off, I love that it has cooled off a little bit. My most favorite time of the year is fall.I love the smell of the air. I don't really know what that smell is but its just different. My parents came down to see the new floors and to help me pick out an early Christmas present...rugs for our floors. The one under the kitchen table is too small. I am going to move it to the bedroom when I find one that is the right size for the table. Another thing I have to say is our friends Justin and Casey brought their new baby over to visit and she is so cute. I am so glad we got to see her. Casey, I had a blast at dinner too. =) This past weekend we up to Nashville for the Vandy/Ga game. It was a close one. We tailgated all day Saturday. It was a blast. I forgot my camera. Oh well. I plan on going back to Nashville this weekend for the baby showers. Hope to see you bloggers there.....will we know how to communicate without a computer.......see you soon!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Back in Business

Alright, I am back again. Since my last post football season has begun, we went to a Georgia game (GO DAWGS!!!!), we got hardwood floors and our air conditioner that cools the upstairs went out. Did I mention that thats where the computer is? Yeah, its been 93 degrees inside of our house, upstairs that is. We have a seperate unit for our main floor. So we have been cool but it has been too blank hot for blogging. We sold our church building to a Baptist congregation and are currently renting the building back from them. We have church from 1-3 on Sunday afternoons. Its different. So, I now technically go to the Baptist church building. We are currently building a new church building. Its my first official stewardship campaign. Interesting. Another thing that has been going on is my teaching 2 times in the ladies Wednesday night class. Also interesting. Lets see, I know of at least four people of the 20 pregnant ladies i know, that have had there babies but it seems like they have been replaced by more pregnant ladies. WOW!!!!! My parents are supposed to be coming in this weekend. Next weekend we hope to be in Nashville. The following my grandmother might come down. We are planning a trip to Cincinnati the last weekend of October to see Hunter's sister. I know, your head is is mine. I have been checking blogs just no comments for whatever reason, I figure its laziness. Here are some pictures:

New floors and Clifford

New floors

The rest of these pictures are of the GA game