Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tag, I'm It

I have been tagged by my friend Heidi to name 5 of my fav restaurants in Chattanooga, but I am going to list a Proctorville restaurant too. Here's my list:
1. Typhoon of Tokyo - You can get fried rice and veggies with this really great sauce. I love it. There are other options at this place but I like the stir fried veggies
2. Bonefish Grille - Boo on this selection because its a chain but this is where we eat for most special occasions.
3. Jim's Spaghetti House (P-ville) - It speaks for itself. Its a spaghetti place with some of the best pie I have ever had. Its very old fashioned. The waitresses wear all white with their hair up in nets. Its a neat place.
4. Amigos - this is a mexican place in chattown. Its pretty good and cheap.
5. Mellow Mushroom - Its a pizza joint. They have a great lunch special.

Okay, there's my list and now I have to tag 5 people, I think. I tag: Jillina, Angie, Bethany, Kate and Lindsay. Thats a good variety of cities. Dish girls......

Baby birds

Here is a picture of the baby birds who rented my flowers out briefly. They have all flown away now.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Melt down

For those of you who read my previous post, it was clearly a melt down. I haven't had one in awhile so apparently I needed one this past Tuesday. I don't really remember what all I wrote probably because I was doped up. Thanks to you for reading and thanks to you for replying. I thank my God for my friends. You guys rock. Now go enjoy this super weather!!!!! peace in the mid.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Late night

I am reminiscent of late nights spent in the dorm writing papers that were due in 6 hours. Dry eyes, strained brain, extreme exhaustion. I am definitely not in that boat again but I do have the dry eyes right now, because its too late for this stuff but I have to speak my mind. First, I want to thank God for my parents wisdom. I was so worked up today when I got home from work and exercising that I couldn't breath or so thought I couldn't breath. Anyway, I took some meds to calm me down. Sidebar, hadn't needed them since college. Then I talked to my parents on the phone. It was much needed and I miss them dearly. I am so thankful that my parents take the time to talk to me when they know I am worked up. I felt 10 times better after we got off the phone. I just had to say how thankful I am for them. I feel like Jerry Mcguire when he rewrites this philosophy on how to be an agent. Anyway, I have learned tonight that I am not what I thought I am. Here I have tricked myself into thinking I am this open minded, non judgemental, uncompetitive person. Boy I am wrong! I am so caught up with what I would call an unfair situation at work that I cannot see how un Christ like I am in thought and action. I feel like I have been a busy body. I have not started a rumor mill or anything. I'll just say again. I am caught up in something that I have no control over. RELEASE ME! (props to Wilson Philipps) I also feel I have acquired this reputaion at work that disgusts and embarasses me. I want that to change. blah, life is hard. Lord come quickly. I'm done. Do not worry. I am just put out with myself. I love my husband. I love my friends. I love my family. I am blessed by God. When I prayed for wisdom, I didn't know what I was asking for. When I prayed for patience and to never meet another boy, I met Hunter. I find that interesting. Some may see it as humor. I do not see how people make it through this life denying God's peace and comfort. I fully accept my portion and then some. Pour it on me please. I am sure this is the first of several "Deep Thoughts", by Andrea posts. Thank you to all my readers out there. You mean a lot.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Not good...

Its official. I am not good at keeping a budget. I don't know how to make myself do it. Apparently its supposed to be a husband and wife thing but since my husband couldn't be less interested in actually looking at our budget I am on my own with it. Maybe this is what it is. I don't want to spend all my time thinking about our budget and what we should and shouldn't be doing. I would find myself extrememly boring. Maybe I'll just be boring. We'll see. The verdict is still out.
My flowers are coming along. I see blooms in the very near future but, some one's dog insists on peeing on my hard work. I am ready to kick some butt. I will just put pepper and chili powder out again. It really works for a couple of weeks and then you have to reapply. I have 5 baby birds in one of my hanging baskets. The babies are ugly right now but they are slowly getting their feathers. I guess I could put a picture up.
My niece turned one yesterday. She didn't like her cake. Shocking, I know. She didn't like the way it felt in her hands.
To answer your question Casey, I mostly plant petunias and begonias. I find them the easiest for our hot summers. I planted some hastas this year. They are already huge. Again, I put some pictures up. Hope everyone has a good regular week.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Friends

I just added two "new" friends to my list of blogs to check daily....why is blogging so addictive, why? Ashley and Whitney. YAY!!!!!!! Not much is happening here. I intend to post some pictures of my little buds on my flowers that looked ever so dead just a few weeks ago. I will tell you the secret...Miracle Grow. I have partially turned into a mimaw, simply because I love to fool with my flowers and I have named some of them. Just the one's hanging on my porch. They are Big Momma's House, Cabbage Patch Kid, Pinky Tuscadera and Flying Purple People Eater. Big Momma's House has a bird's nest in it with 5 little eggs. I thought the name was appropriate. The others are also named based on appearance, well really color. Anyway, thats what this mimaw is up to. Also, Jillina and her men are supposed to come eat dinner with us on Friday. I haven't seen William in a year! I guess that means I haven't seen Jillina in that long either. Thats real bad. word.....