Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just life

I have nothing thrilling to post just regular life. Working, watching Hunter's basketball team and church stuff fills my calendar. Its suppose to snow a little tonight so I plan on going to work a little late in the morning. I intended on setting up our online bill payer tonight, but got lost in the world of blogs. I too must confess I am a reader of blogs of people that I don't know all that well. Its just interesting. I don't have that many pictures so I don't have too much to worry about. My dog, Clifford is pawing at me to go out, so I have to wrap this up. Happy Winter, I hope it snows a ton tonight.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

(Big sigh)

Thanks for the votes of confidence. They are appreciated. Its strange how those thoughts ease a little when you know you are not the only one thinking them.
I wish everyone a great weekend where all of the stop lights are green, the lines are short at the store and your husband folds the laundry and says the right thing at the right time that makes you thank God for him. Love and misses.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"I miss you much" - Janet Jackson

I miss my friends.

Questions and lots of them

Please be advised, this is a semi-continuation of my previous post. If you haven't read it and you desire full comprehension (SP) go for it.
Here goes another attempt on the quest for clarity. I have questions, and lots of them. Disclaimer - Do not read this with the obligation to provide solutions or answers to these questions. I am not in search of concrete answers per say, but I have always felt like I could mull my perplexities(not a word) over in my head and fairly quickly determine a semblance of logic. Not so much these days. Is the anesthesia? Am I just at a place in life where I have lots of "life" questions? For example, What is my purpose according to God? What is it He wants me to do, I guess my spiritual gift(s)? Is it to work as an accountant until I retire? Will I get to be the president of a company? What is the job I desire most? Wife? Mother? Teacher? CPA? Church secretary? Does Hunter hit jackpot and have a job where I wouldn't ever have to work? Is that what I want, to stay at home? Or would I rather work and hopefully be a mom? Am I bored? Whats next? How do you decide if you want kids? Why so cautious at work? Am I trying to make friends? I have some pretty good ones right now. You're just there to work, right? Why don't I have all of the answers right now? Why all the complaining and whining and negativity? What the heck? Purpose. Focus. Goals. Things that are most important to me. What are all these things?.......(long pause for time spent in thought)............Has anybody else experienced this? Might I say again, What the heck?

Friday, January 05, 2007


Blast from the recent past. Just liked this pic.


Clifford again.

Us as Napoleon Dynamite and his girlfriend, Deb for Halloween.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A lot on the brain

Here it is, the beginning of another year and find myself with a lot on the brain. For the first time I can recall I feel pressured to have a New Year's resolution. I have NEVER been one to have a resolution for the simple fact that they are made to be broken. I was able to keep one the year before last but that was interupted by my gallbladder. I used to exercise.....used to being the operative words.
I find myself perplexed this evening so I am using this blog to hopefully gain an ounce of clarity. Hope you don't get bored and if so please move on to something more fun to read or watch or whatever.
The New Year is supposed to represent a freshness and renewal. Not so much for me. I am ready to throw everything I own in the garbage. We have too much stuff, period. There is no reason for us to accquire items we do not use. And I feel like I have tons of that right now.
I just determined my perplexity and possibly the New Year's resolution that is eating at me....selfishness and materialism. Its not my resolution to be selfish or materialistic. I have just realized that I am those things. SICK! So here it is annouced technologically.....I resolve to give more and receive less. I don't need all of this stuff.
Now that I am feeling a bit lighter, I think we have to get a playmate for Clifford. We went to Ohio for the week and Hunter's sister kept Clifford for us, and he didn't wag his tail when we picked him up. Nice. I feel like a bad parent. He's bored and slightly lonely. I feel crappy about it. So the search begins....
On a cheery note, I am so glad that all my friends put pictures on their blogs. I love looking at them. I don't feel as removed from your lives when I see the pix.
I just re read my blog and it is depressing. I promise to bring the funny, or at least what I think is funny, on my next entry. Hope everyone is having fantastic and productive New Years. I am now ready to start mine....thanks for reading.