Monday, April 23, 2007


Since I spend most of my time reading everyone's blogs, I find that I don't leave time to comment, for fear of being on the computer all night long. So I am going to leave a comment on my blog for those who I wanted to comment on but for lack of a better word, was too lazy to do so. Here we go...
Elizabeth- I teared up watching Isabella's pics. Not sure exactly why. I am sure however that she has your eyes, even though they are blue. The life that pours out of them is just like yours. I love it. Becky-Congratulations on your baby news. That is wonderful. You are one of the thousands of people I know who is currently pregnant and due in the fall. I guess it was the thing to do in late January early February! ha! Chris Anne- I look forward to your logic daily, or at least when I am checking blogs. What a sweet child you have. Jillina-What can I also crack me up. I should call or come up soon. Laurie - I too love your daily stories and pics. I hate that we didn't get to know each other better at Lipscomb. I feel like I missed something great. Most of you don't know my friend Heidi but she is Amy Stone's sister-in-law just as a point of reference. This one goes out to her...Heidi-the pictures are beautiful and that Matthew is a heartbreaker. And lastly, Bethany and her quest for kids. I think you and I may have elaborated on this topic before. I too remember a time when I thought kids were for the birds, however I like children. I have always liked kids. Babysat, volunteered to coach, teach VBS, man the nursery, just play outside, whatever. But never really wanted one of my own. Then ever so slowly and surely I find that my grinch heart (3 sizes too small) is growing towards the thought of children in my home. I am starting to feel that kids may make the home what it is. A home. I have much deeper thoughts but for fear of appearing "mushy" I will stop. What I am saying is its okay to feel you may never want them. I too tend to follow the crowd and was determined NOT to have a child just b/c everyone is, and believe me that time is now. I have been where you are and I must say I thought I would never change....who knows. If the grinch can grow heart maybe I can get the nerve. (grin) Disclaimer: These last few statements are in NO way to lead you to the thought that I may be pregnant or trying.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

No words....

I am sad to report that my flowers bit the dust in the brief return of winter we had 2 weeks ago. I meant to blog this earlier but I was trying to break my daily blog habit. I had one more pic but it wouldn't let me download it. BOOOO! While you scroll down please, silently play Taps in your mind. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Yeah for the Easter Bunny, who by the way no longer visits our house. Its sad for me because I love to eat candy so much. We ate at Hunter's parent's house for lunch today. It was great. I made the cake. I am very proud of my grass and eggs. However, when we opened it today for the big reveal, the dye from the jelly beans melted and ran down the cake plate. It was a little messy but good. Hope everyone had a wonderful time with family today. Back to the grind tomorrow. yuck!