Sunday, August 19, 2007

Catch up time

Well, here it goes. I will try to sum up our summer quickly..yeah right. I think the last post was right before July 4th. So I will start there. Hunter's sister, Dawn and her family, moved to Cincinnati, Ohio the weekend after the 4th. I knew I married into a smart family. =) So, our nieces came to visit for about 2 weeks. We had lots of fun. I read the last Harry book as soon as Hunter finished it. I loved it and only cried once or twice. We celebrated our 5th anniversary this year by getting massages, eating out and staying at a bed n break. in downtown Chattanooga. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We went to see my parents in Ohio and I made an apple pie with my grandmother. I was thrilled. I really don't think she and I have ever baked together. We got tile in our kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. Interesting to say the least. We had a little mess up with the tile guy and had to set our own toilet in order to use the bathroom one night. It was interesting to actually have to figure something out with my husband. But my father in law, who teaches plumbing, helped us. It wasn't bad. I love my new floors. Our next adventure is hardwood floors. We've babysat a little for our youngest niece. On a sad note, my childhood dog, Mickey died. Hunter's uncle has also passed away recently. Its sad. But on a brighter note, Hunter's sister is pregnant again!!!! If all goes well, Heather will be having a baby in April or May. We're not sure how far a long she is. That makes the 18th person in my immediate circle that is currently pregnant. DON'T DRINK THE WATER! We went to our friends', Jeffery and Emily, wedding last weekend. It was a lot of fun. I got to spend some good times with Carrie L. School has started and Hunter plans to coach again. Hunter's dad is also coaching girls basketball at his high school this year. Should be interesting. He asked if I would help. We'll see. That about wraps it up for us. Here are some pictures....Peace, love and rain....lots and lots of rain.



1/2 bath

Master bath - my favorite

upstairs bath

Our niece eating and wearing some peanut butter and jelly