Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5 months ....has it really been that long?

thats right...i am still here. i bet some of you have even stopped checking to see if i have updated. well, i am not making any promises but will say that you can count on a good long post tonight. nothing much to say here. work, friends, family, work. thats about it. i got a new nephew on March 31st (i thought about the cabaniss family) His name is Drew Harold. Babies being born is an absolute miracle!!!!! We have been on 2 trips to Memphis this spring. One for spring break and the other for our friends' law school graduation. I am so thrilled. Several of our good friends are moving back to Chat. I cannot wait!!!!!! HURRY UP and get here! Hunter got a new job at Dalton Public High School. This will be an interesting change compared to good ole BBS. We just finished the school year out. I am a little sad. BBS is a great place. We are planning on a family trip to San Fransico in June. Excited and nervous....Lindsay, can you give a few traveling pointers????? I have definitely been VERY busy in my flower beds this year. After the fiasco of last year with a freeze after i planted everything, i have been doing my homework. the accountant in me could not stand to loose money on flowers again. I am still diligently tending to my new hydrangea bush....maybe i'll post a picture one day. thats about it. just plugging away at life...stay classy bloggers.